Contact Sheet 170

Hungarian artist Adam Magyar has been receiving international attention with art that explore concept of urban life. Magyar depicts the synergies of people, the cities they inhabit, and the technological support structures created to facilitate urban life. He explores the flow of time and life through multiple photography and video-based series, three of which will be presented in Syracuse. Magyar uses unconventional devices, like an industrial machine-vision camera that relies on scanning technology. Utilizing software and drivers which he programs himself, Magyar creates constructed images that capture moments in time and place that can neither be seen with the bare eye nor conventional optical cameras. The beautiful images combine the aesthetics of classic photography with a technology that redefines our understanding of linear time and singular space in a perfect blend of science and art. In his works, Magyar scrutinizes the transience of life and man's inherent urge to leave some trace behind. This catalogue includes an essay by Hannah Frieser.