Adam Magyar
Gallery Soso, Heyri, Seoul
I spent two exciting months in Seoul as an artist-in-residence at Gallery Soso. During my stay, I started working on a new series 
entitled Array. 
The first video piece was exhibited in their beautiful gallery at the end of March in a two-artist show with Il-jin Atem Choi.
You can watch the video on my vimeo page.
Only a few days left to see some of my Squares and the full 
version of Stainless Shinjuku at Julie Saul Gallery. 

METRO: Reinier Gerritsen, Adam Magyar and David Molander
‘The dynamic urban environment and its occupants are the
common thread in this three-person show comprised of
high-tech digitally composed large-scale photographs and videos. 
Each artist has utilized new technologies as well as commercially 
available equipment to fabricate his compositions in unconventional 
ways. The emotional range is wide - from cool observation
to an instinctive experience of individuals and architecture 
pressing in on the viewer.‘
Julie Saul Gallery, 535 West 22 Street, 6 floor, New York, NY 10011
Two Stainless videos will be exhibited in Munich at the Eres 
Foundation’s show, entitled ‘Megapolis’.

Project Concept
'Over half of the world’s population lives in cities. Experts predict 
an increase of 70 to 80% by 2050. Much of this growth stems 
from a steady influx of residents and skyrocketing birth rates. 
Megacities have an enormous influence on the world’s climate. 
Although they take up only 2% of the world’s surface, large urban 
regions use 80% of the planet’s energy and produce roughly 85% 
of all greenhouse emissions. These cities, however, are victims 
as well as contributors to global warming. Many of them are 
situated on coastlines and will have to struggle especially hard 
with future consequences.'
ERES-Stiftung, Römerstr. 15, 80801 München, Germany
The exhibition will present some of my Stainless and Squares images together with the works of other Hungarian artists like Bálint Bori, Ágnes Lőrincz, Lóránt Szatmáry, Umraum, and curated by Dr. Katia David and Ágnes Lőrincz.
Galerie Wedding “Kunst & Interkultur”, Müllerstraße 146/147 13353 Berlin, Germany
The exhibition involves the works of 16 artists and the texts 10 authors, all about the concept of time, including my Stainless video series. The exhibition is curated by Djeff and Fanny Serain.
Fondation Vasarely, 1 avenue Marcel Pagnol, 13090 Aix-en-Provence, France,
Adam Magyar, Photographer

'Adam Magyar finds innovative ways to use tech to observe life. 
That led him to capture the passing of time and freeze it into 
still photographs and videos. Using modified or self-built 
high-tech digital tools and cameras that “see” what the human eye 
can not, and what human nature rarely perceives, he has created 
mesmerizing representations of speeding subway trains and of 
flows of people on busy sidewalks. Born and raised in Hungary, 
now based in Berlin, he travels the world extracting dramatic 
images from the simple, ever-changing nature of daily urban life. 
“I am just an observer with a camera and a scanner”, he says.'
Friedrichstraße 101, 10117 Berlin , Germany
My video projects are supported by   Optronis
Please check my website for more...

Solo exhibitions: 

          Opiom Gallery, Opio
          Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester
          Houston Center for Photography, Houston
          Light Work, Syracuse
          Faur Zsofi Gallery, Budapest
2011 "Underworld"
          BSA @ CHB, Berlin
2011 "Beyond Perspective"
          Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2006 "Comearound"
          Retorta Gallery, Budapest
2005 "TaxiJam"
          Miró Photo Gallery, Budapest 
2002 "Kashi Vishwanath Express"
          Miró Photo Gallery, Budapest

Group exhibitions: 
2014 "Trailed away"
          Gallery Soso, Seoul
2014 "Metro"
          Julie Saul Gallery, New York
2013 "Hungarian Art Photography in the New Millennium"
          Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
2013 "Love Will Destroy Us In The End"
          BSA @ Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul
2013 Light Of Day
          Transformer Station, Cleveland
2012 Helsinki Photography Biennial
          Helsinki City Museum
2012 "Breaking God's Heart"
          BSA @ Liebkranz Galerie, Berlin
2011 "Life as it seems"
          Ráday Gallery, Budapest
2011 Lens Culture International Exposure Awards: 
          "31 Contemporary Photographers"
          Gallery 291, San Francisco
          Spéos Gallery, Paris
          VII Dumbo, New York
2011 "Young European Landscape"
          BSA @ CHB, Berlin
          BSA @ Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg
2011 "Flashart"
          Whart, Toulouse
2010 "Photographie Hongroise Contemporaine" 
          Raday Gallery - Institut Hongrois, Paris
2010 "Separated by Daily Life", Rhubarb East at Mailbox, Birmingham
2009 "Defining Urban Life"
          Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2009 "Art Sunday"
          Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong
2008 Budapest Art Fair
2008 Kieselbach Gallery, Budapest
2008 "Jozsef Pecsi Scholarship Annual Exhibition"
          Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest,
2007 "It depends on your point of view"
          Metro Gallery, Budapest
2007 "Bits, Bytes and Pixels"
          Island6, Shanghai
2007 "Jozsef Pecsi Photography Scholarship Winners Exhibition"
          Hungarian Academy, Rome
2006 "Untitled Santa"
          Island6, Shanghai
2006 "I Love LEDs"
          Island6, Shanghai
2006 "Getting Along"
          Island6, Shanghai,
2004 "Press Photo Exhibition"
          Ethnographic Museum Budapest


Museum Of Fine Arts, Houston
Deutsche Bank
Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Bidwell Projects
Light Work

Art commissions:

2010 "Walking As One" - Commissions in Newham, London and Birmingham, UK
          to create new images for the Olympic Fence near Stratford Tube Station
          and the New Library of Birmingham Hoarding. Produced by Rhubarb Rhubarb.

Scholarship, awards:

2014 Gallery SoSo Residency Program 14, Seoul
2010 Lens Culture International Exposure Awards, Honorable Mention
2009 International Photography Awards 
         1st place in Fine Art - Collage subcategory for "Squares"
         International Photography Awards
         1st place in Special - Aerial subcategory for "Squares"
2006-2007 Jozsef Pecsi Scholarship 
2004 Grand Prize, Hungarian Press Photo

Art Fairs:

2014 AIPAD
2014 Artshow Busan
2014 AAF Hong Kong
2014 Art14
2013 Swab
2013 Art Coppenhagen
2013 Scope New York
2013 Art 13
2012 Fotofever
2012 Art Paris
2012 Art Herning
2011 Art Market Budapest
2010 Paris Photo
2010 Frieze Art Fair
2008 Budapest Art Fair


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